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The Classic Approach to Whitening

Available in 10%, 16%, 22%, and 30% carbamide peroxide to accommodate individual needs

Highly effective on persistent stains

Recommended for treating Tetracycline stains

High viscosity pleasant tasting gel

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Whitening Without Sensitivity
Perfectly blended carbamide peroxide and water based activator for fast whitening results with no sensitivity.

Short 30 minute treatments

Sensitivity free advance formulation contains unique water based hydrating agent to prevent sensitivity

Dual barrel automix syringe activates the gel when it's dispensed

Light mint flavor with Xylitol

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Whitening and Remineralization Combined
Double acting teeth whitener uses both carbamide and calcium peroxide

Contains calcium peroxide to strengthen and re-mineralize tooth enamel

Short 30 minute wear time or 1 hour for additional calcium benefit

Reduced sensitivity

27% carbamide peroxide equivalent strength

Exceptional results in as little as 5-8 days!

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