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Nu Form

Temporary Crown and Bridge Material

Advanced, Non Bis GMA Formula

Nu Form is a pre-shrunk, long chain acrylic designed specifically for the fabrication of temporary crowns and bridges. Nu Form is tough and will not break; yet it is flexible for ease of use. Nu Form contains fluorescence and is highly polishable; providing great aesthetics for any patient. Nu Form is compatible with self and light-cure resin based materials.

nuform-kitNu Form Kit:

50 ml of Nu Form temporary crown and bridge material in an automix cartridge 1:1, 15 automix dispensing tips and instructions. (Works with regular 1:1 dispensers.)

Shades available:

Bleach Item # 0808
A1/B1 Item # 0709
A1 Item # 0761
A2 Item # 0716
A3 Item # 0723
C2 Item # 0730

blue-mixing-tipsBlue Automix Dispensing Tips:

50 blue automix dispensing tips per bag.

Item # 0747






automix250 ml Automix Dispenser (1:1/ 2:1)

Item # 0754

Replacement Slides for Automix Dispenser 2/pkg

Item # 0755

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