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Nu Seal Cavity Liner

Nu Seal is a fluoride releasing, light cured cavity liner that has a flowable consistency that facilitates application. Use Nu Seal for reinforcing cavity floors and lining cavity walls prior to application of the filling materials. This material primary consists of a biocompatible light cured resin, filled with hydroxyapatite, barium sulfate and fluoride salts.


  • Fast and easy to apply, convenient direct-to-tooth application
  • Mechanically strong (over 15,000 psi, 104 MPa), virtually insoluble in oral fluids
  • Contains fluoride to strengthen the dentin and prevent decay
  • Compatible with all commercially available restoratives and cements
  • X-ray opaque 


Nu Seal 4 Syringe Kit:

4 - 1.5 gm syringes, 20 pre-bent applicator tips and instructions.nuseal-kit

Item # 0914



nuseal-syringeNu Seal 1 Syringe Kit:

1 - 1.5 gm syringe, 5 pre-bent applicator tips and instructions.

Item # 0907







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